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Listing management & collaboration tools to power your real estate business

Enable agents to easily create, manage & share property listings with both fellow agents and customers. Secure & Private.


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What is

List Management

Create property listings easily
Add details like name, location, photos, price, features, building and more

Customer Management

Keep track of your customers details
Keep your high-priority deals at the forefront to ensure timely closures

Matching Engine

Find the perfect properties for your customers
Or, Find the right customer for your properties
Our Engine matches based on customer criteria & property features

List Sharing

Securely collaborate on listing with the owner agent
Initiate a share request & negotiate terms within the app
Upon agreement, share the list with your customer as your own

Customer Portal

Give your customers a private space to view and comment on the listings you've shared
Let them update their contact details and changing criteria
Easily share with a private link. No login required
15+ languages supported

Agents Network

Expand your professional circle by inviting agents from your circle
Simplify collaboration without the need to directly contact other agents
Optionally, allow out of network agents to view your listing & grow your network

Your Key Benefits

Easy Listings. Add your properties once or not at all: let the owner do it for you
Simple Sharing. Share your listings with other agents and customers privately and easily using a link
Safe & Private. Keep your and your customers’ information safe. Only YOUR contacts are shared with customers
Find the Right Properties. Enter your customer criteria, and we'll locate matching properties within your network
Quickly find customers for your properties. Have a listing? Let our search engine match you with customers in your agent network
Grow Your Network. Invite more agents to join and share more properties.

How It Works

For All Agents

Sign up

Start by signing up. It's free and easy.

Invite Agents (Optional)

Start using RELS effectively on your own or enhance your opportunities by inviting other real estate agents to join. RELS is at its best supporting your collaboration with other agents.

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For Owner Agents

Create Listings

Create detailed listings including property features, photos, and availability. Control and manage your properties directly on the platform.

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Match Customer Agents

Automatically match your listings with customer agents search criteria. Increases visibility and promote your listings within your network & beyond.

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Share Listings

Seamlessly share your detailed, ready-made listings with customer agents. Simplify collaboration & empower your network to promote your properties more efficiently.

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For Customer Agents

Create Customer Profiles

Input your clients' search criteria to create detailed customer profiles. Keep track of all customer info in one place for better service & efficiency.

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Match Owner Agents

Our matching engine does the heavy lifting by finding properties from owner agents within your network and elsewhere.

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Engage with Customers

Share listings with your clients on their personalized customer Portal using a private link. Get immediate up to date feedback from clients, ensuring a tailored service.

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RELS is currently completely FREE. We do plan to offer paid plans in the future but a FREE tier will always remain for the basic features. Make sure you take advantage of the FREE period and start using now.


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Frequently Asked Questions is a comprehensive real estate platform designed to streamline the process of listing, sharing, and managing real estate properties. It facilitates seamless collaboration between real estate agents, agents, and their clients, offering tools for list management, a matching engine, secure list sharing, and customer management in one integrated platform.

Our Search Matching Engine intelligently matches listings with customer criteria and vice versa. Agents can refine searches within their network & beyond, ensuring they find the best matches for their clients or properties quickly and efficiently.

Certainly. Listings can be shared with agents both within your network and with those outside your network. This approach allows for maintaining privacy and control while still enabling broader collaboration. You have the option to directly share specific listings with external agents or invite them to join your network, thus facilitating a more extensive collaboration and outreach.

No, when you share a listing with your clients, the details of the owner agent are not visible to them. Once your request to share a listing is approved, you will receive a version of the listing that showcases your details as the agent. This ensures that your clients always see you as their primary point of contact, maintaining your relationship and trust. Our system is designed to keep the focus on the customer-agent relationship you've built, ensuring seamless and confidential transactions.

We prioritize security and privacy for all users. Customer and property information is protected with industry-standard encryption and privacy controls, ensuring data is accessible only to authorized agents and parties involved. Information is shared via secure private links.

Currently, is accessible via web browsers on both desktop and mobile devices, offering a seamless experience. We are also working on a mobile app to provide even greater convenience and accessibility.

Real estate agents can sign up on our website. It's FREE. The registration process is simple—just provide & verify your email, and start exploring the platform’s features.

Currently, is 100% free. We will be offering in the future a tiered pricing model to suit different needs and scales of operation. Basic features will remain free.

Our dedicated support team is here to help. You can reach out via email, or live chat on our website for assistance with any issues or questions.

Customers have access to a personalized portal provided by their agent. This portal allows them to view listings, provide feedback, and update their preferences, ensuring a tailored and engaging property search experience.


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